January Retreats: Lamp for the Path

January Retreats: Lamp for the Path


Lamp for the Path Retreat

Developing Wisdom & Compassion

January 4-8 @ Joyful Land Centre

This traditional Kadampa Buddhist retreat is open to everyone. These twenty-one guided meditations have been practiced since the time of Buddha Shakyamuni and give us an opportunity to understand the entire Buddhist path from our own inner experience. Each meditation is a step toward greater wisdom and compassion, and thus, permanent inner peace.

We will use Prayers for Meditation to receive inspiring blessings, enabling us to concentrate on our object of meditation and to transform our mind in the most positive way. Each topic will be explained in brief.

The retreat begins on Thursday, January 4 and ends on Monday, January 8. You are welcome to attend a few sessions over the 5 days, a day or two, or the entire retreat.

Thursday Meditations January 4
9am-10amPrecious Human Life
11am-12pmDeath and Impermanence
3pm-4pm Dangers of Lower Rebirth & Refuge
5pm-6pm Renunciation
Friday MeditationsJanuary 5
11am-12pmRecognizing Living Beings as Our Mothers
3pm-4pm Recognizing the Kindness of Living Beings
5pm-6pm Equalizing Self & Others
Saturday MeditationsJanuary 6
9am-10amThe Disadvantages of Self-Cherishing
11am-12pmThe Advantages of Cherishing Others
3pm-4pm Exchanging Self with Others
5pm-6pm Great Compassion
Sunday MeditationsJanuary 7
9am-10amThe Practice of Taking
11am-12pmWishing Love
3pm-4pm The Practice of Giving
5pm-6pm Bodhichitta
Monday MeditationsJanuary 8
9am-10amTranquil Abiding (Concentration)
11am-12pmSuperior Seeing – Emptiness of the Body
3pm-4pm Superior Seeing - Emptiness of the Self
5pm-6pm Relying Upon a Spiritual Guide
7:30pm-8:30pm Green Tara Prayers

Cost of Retreat: $5 per session |$15 per day| $65 for entire retreat.
Free for Members of Joyful Land

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879 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6R6

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