Meditation in the Technological Age (Free Ebook)

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In today’s world meditation has become more important than ever. All of us have seen the dangerous trend: a teenager driving while holding a phone on their lap, people walking down the sidewalk staring at screens by the thousands, and the inability to be away from a computer, phone, or tablet for more than a few hours. How often to you go to bed watching something?


Inner peace and happiness are becoming harder and harder to come by, because external sources of stimulation are increasing, making peaceful states of mind difficult to develop and maintain. Meditation helps you to regain control of your mind and deal with difficult circumstances in a positive, constructive way. It also keeps your relationships powerful and strong and is the bedrock upon which you can confidently build your life.



Please enjoy this excerpt from ‘How to Transfrom Your Life’, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and Click Here to download the free ebook!


“It is very important to be able to distinguish disturbed states of mind from peaceful states. As explained in the previous chapter, states of mind that disturb our inner peace, such as anger, jealousy and desirous attachment, are called “delusions,” and these are the principal causes of all our suffering. We may think that our suffering is caused by other people, by poor material conditions or by society, but in reality it all comes from our own deluded states of mind. The essence of spiritual practice is to reduce and eventually completely eradicate our delusions, and replace them with permanent inner peace. This is the real meaning of our human life.


Normally we seek happiness outside ourself. We try to obtain better material conditions, a better job, higher social status and so forth; but no matter how successful we are in improving our external situation, we still experience many problems and much dissatisfaction. We never experience pure, lasting happiness. This shows us that we should not seek happiness outside ourself, but instead establish it within by purifying and controlling our mind through sincere spiritual practice. If we train in this way we can ensure that our mind remains calm and peaceful. “

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How To Transform Your Life FREE Download

How To Transform Your Life FREE Download

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