Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings

Advice for a Happy Life



Patience has the power to protect our mind directly from unhappiness and discouragement. We can develop patience in our mind through practice, which will gradually build our inner strength and resilience in dealing with difficult situations. It will increase our ability to judge circumstances well, and to respond constructively. The positive power of patience will also increase our ability to be there for others; in many ways, it will make our life happier and more meaningful.

“Even if we never found the opportunity to sit down to study and meditate throughout our entire life, but we truly learnt to practise patient acceptance every moment of the day, we would make vast progress on the path to enlightenment.” Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Each class will include helpful advice based on Buddhist thought, and guidance in how to meditate. You can attend any or all of the classes; everyone is welcome!

March 1 Accepting unavoidable difficulties
March 8 Letting go of the mind of retaliation (Part 1)
March 15 Letting go of the mind of retaliation (Part 2)
March 22 Dependent arisings: Letting go of blame

Single class: $12 / 4-class series: $40 / Free for members
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