Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings

Practice Makes Perfect


We all have the potential within our minds to develop wonderful qualities. Buddha taught that we can perfect within ourself six qualities which will best help us to find happiness and give it to others. For instance, we have the potential to learn to give without expecting anything in return, and the ability to face our own inner problems with courage and skilfully overcome them. 

These classes will explain how to perfect these six qualities within our minds, gradually, through meditation and through practising them in our daily lives. By following this time-tested advice we’ll gradually discover for ourselves that practice really does make perfect.

Although these classes are presented as a series, each class is self-contained, so it’s not necessary to attend all of the classes; there is benefit from attending any of them. Pre-registration is not required. Everyone is welcome!


Class schedule
January 13 The joyful mind of giving material things
January 20 Protecting others from suffering and fear
January 27 Deciding to let go of negative actions
February 3 Practising positive actions and helping others
February 10 The problem-free mind of patience - not retaliating
February 17 The powerful mind of accepting adversity and the challenges of training
February 24 Delight in positive actions - letting go of procrastination
March 3 Letting go of the negative, the meaningless, and discouragement
March 10 Developing lazer focus: preventing distraction in meditation 
March 17 Mixing the mind with the object of meditation
March 24Wisdom: knowing what to practice and what to avoid
March 31 No class - Term Break
April 7Wisdom: realizing how things really exist

Single class: $12 / 4-class series: $40 / Free for members

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How To Transform Your Life FREE Download

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