Just say “no” to stress at work: a half-day class

Just say “no” to stress at work: a half-day class

10:00am – 12:30pm, Saturday, September 15

Stress at work can come from many different sources, such as a heavy workload, tight deadlines which don’t allow room to breathe, and conflict in relationships; in general it causes us to feel that what’s being required of us is unfair, and too heavy a burden to bear. This makes it difficult to feel relaxed and happy at work and to feel satisfied with the quality of the work we do, compounds the problems, and sometimes leads to physical illness and stress leave.

The good news is that you can manage and counteract many of the outer causes of stress simply by learning new internal responses. Meditation can give you the mental environment you need to be able to respond in better ways by creating a space of greater clarity and calmness within your mind, which will make you feel more energized and relaxed, naturally allowing you to feel more positive. From this inner space of calmness and clarity you will be able to gain fresh insights into how better to deal with your particular challenging issues, no matter what they may be.

By learning to keep a more relaxed frame of mind and respond from that positive space, you’ll likely find that many of your usual problems at work will fall away and difficult situations will become easier to deal with, since you’ll naturally feel warm and well-disposed towards other people. Because of this your work relationships will gradually improve.

In short, this half-day class will show you helpful basic meditation techniques and fresh practical approaches, which will be taught from the point of view of what helps most with work-related stress. There will be guided meditations and time for discussion. Everyone is welcome!

Schedule for this half-day class 
10:00-11:15amGuided meditation and teaching
11:15-11:30amTea break
11:30am-12:30pmTeaching, guided meditation and discussion

10.00 per class, or 25.00 for the series | Free for members

You may register at the door.

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