How to deal with Anger & Frustration

10:00am – 12:30pm, Saturday, November 24

When we have to deal with something difficult, for instance when our car breaks down, we are fired from our job, people are inconsiderate, rude, or hurtful, our patience can be tested beyond its limits. And unfortunately, more often than we’d like we find ourselves losing our temper. When anger strikes, it destroys our peace of mind and our judgement, so that we say and do things that harm others and that we later deeply regret. Anger also causes much unseen harm to ourself.

In this half-day class we’ll learn the causes of anger and frustration within our mind, and how they arise. By developing a strong wish to stop anger, and by learning methods to stop it in its early stages, we’ll gain the ability to prevent anger from grabbing hold. We’ll also learn that patient acceptance directly counteracts anger and replaces it with a positive and peaceful state of mind that allows us to respond more appropriately. In these ways, we can learn to conquer our anger without the dangerous side-effects of merely repressing it.

This class will include clear, practical advice and guided meditations to gain inner experience of the advice. Please arrive a few minutes early and come to the side door; someone will be there to show you around. Register at the door on on-line. Everyone is welcome!

Schedule for this half-day class 
10:00-11:15amGuided meditation and teaching
11:15-11:30amTea break
11:30am-12:30pmTeaching, guided meditation and discussion

Cost: $25.00 (Free for members)

You may register at the door.

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