Online Meditation Retreat
Introductory Level
Relax and Renew
Saturday, January 2 | 9am-12noon
$20 full retreat | $8 per session

Meditation helps us deeply relax and reduces the busy thoughts that clutter our mind and tire us out. It is a powerful tool to cultivate our inner potential for peace which we can enjoy and then share with others. In this half-day retreat we’ll be guided in three meditations; breathing meditation to calm the mind, gratitude to give us perspective, and relating to our inner potential to develop confidence. This retreat is particularly suited for anyone who is new to meditation and Buddhism. Everyone is welcome.

including recordings available for 5 days following the class.

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All meditations are virtuous actions of mind.
When we are meditating we are performing a virtuous mental action.

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
The New Heart of Wisdom