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Tuesday Evenings

Introductory Level Classes
Keys to a Happy Heart

Tuesday evenings beginning April 16,
at the Manotick Public Library, 5499 South River Drive in Manotick

Cost: $12 or $40 for a 4-class card.  Free for monthly support members.
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Keys to a Happy Heart

This series of drop-in classes will highlight the essential meditations on developing love, patience and peace based on the book “New 8 Steps to Happiness” by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.  This wonderful book offers many methods to keep a peaceful mind in the face of difficulty.  As the great Kadampa masters used to say “To live a meaningful life is very simple: harm your delusions as much as possible and benefit others as much as possible.  This series of classes will explore these two essential practices.  

Each class includes 2 guided meditations and a teaching.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions. You can attend any or all of these great classes - each class is self-contained.

This series is also a wonderful preparation for the Foundation Program which will be studying this book in detail, Thursdays beginning May 9th.

Class Schedule

Tuesday May 7
Accepting our Imperfections
Understanding the Nature of Faults: We will explore the concept of faults from a Buddhist perspective, understanding how they arise and their impact on our well-being and spiritual growth. Through self-examination, we will learn to identify and acknowledge our own faults with honesty and humility.  We will learn to embrace our imperfections as opportunities for growth and transformation. 

Tuesday May 14
Breaking Free from Judgment
Challenge the habit of passing judgment and embracing a more compassionate and understanding perspective.  We will also learn how to appreciate the challenges others present us with in daily life.

Tuesday May 21
Identifying the Sneaky Mind of Self Centredness

Tuesday May 28
Freeing the mind from Self Centredness

Tuesday June 4
Developing authentic empathy

Tuesday June 11 - No class because Library is not available

Tuesday June 18: 
The Healing Power of Compassion

Tuesday June 25:
The blissful mind of Wishing Love

The teacher for this class is Steve Grover, who has been practising and teaching Buddhist meditation for many years. His classes are practical & inspiring, and are often marked by his great sense of humour.  

Pre-registration preferred. Registration is also available at the door (cash, debit or credit). 


Keys to a Happy Heart

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$40.00 4-Class Cards are available at the door (only) as they are physical cards. 

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As conscientious Dharma practitioners, we should observe our own shortcomings instead of being preoccupied with those of other people. 
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
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