A Half-day Meditation Course, for everyone

Dealing with Stress & Anxiety
Saturday March 2
10am - 1pm
With Gen Kelsang Thekchen

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We all know that stressing out just makes things worse.  And yet we also feel like we have no choice but to stress and worry about the crises and pressures we face in our lives.

According to Buddha, stress does not come from external situations but rather from our response to them. In other words, it comes from our mind. By learning how to “drop out” of a stressed mind and into a clear and peaceful one we can learn to respond to problems differently, in a more centered, flexible and effective way.

In this half-day course, Gen Thekchen will guide us in a surprisingly simple meditation that can bring about a peaceful, clear mind swiftly. Then, using Buddha’s profound insights into the mind, he will uncover where our stressful response comes from, and show how we can gain new perspectives on our difficulties and respond skillfully and peacefully.

This course will include easy-to-understand practical advice and guided meditations. Everyone is welcome!

Course Schedule
10am-11:15am   Teaching and guided meditation
11:15-11:45    Tea break
11:45-1:00pm   Teaching, guided meditation & discussion

Gen Kelsang Thekchen, Buddhist Monk & TeacherThis course will be taught by Resident Teacher Gen  Kelsang Thekchen, who is a senior Teacher in the New Kadampa Tradition. He has been a Kadampa Buddhist monk and Teacher under the guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for more than 25 years. He is well known for his ability to present Buddha's teachings in a simple, profound, practical and often humorous way, making them easy to put into practice in everyday life. 

Pre-registration is recommended, but you can also register at the door when you arrive.

Dealing with Stress & Anxiety


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No matter how difficult our external circumstances may become, for as long as we maintain a calm and peaceful mind, the situation will not be a problem for us.
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
How to Solve Our Human Problems