Learning to Forgive
Saturday Morning Course - A Beginner Level Course, for Everyone
Saturday April 10

10am - 12:00 noon

(Available for 5 days for those who have registered, so you can experience the class when it’s convenient for you.)
$20 | No cost for members

Woman hugging partner with a look of happinessDo you often wish that you could forgive more easily? The ability to forgive is a wonderful quality to have, because it gives us the freedom to let go and move on with our life. It takes away the pain of anger and resentment, and opens the door to positive states of mind such as love and compassion. It gives us the peace and clarity of mind to respond constructively and find solutions to challenging situations in relationships. Forgiveness also helps those who’ve harmed us, because it frees them from the counterproductive burden of feeling trapped in feelings of guilt. This in turn can make it possible for them to recognize their past harm, to develop the wish to stop the harmful behaviour, and even to take steps to make amends.

Also included will be guided meditations to help you to gain inner experience, and time for questions and discussion. Everyone is welcome!

including recordings available for 5 days following the class.
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April 10

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No matter how difficult our external circumstances may become, for as long as we maintain a calm and peaceful mind, the situation will not be a problem for us.
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
How to Solve Our Human Problems