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Introductory Level Classes
Immeasurable Joy

Tuesday evenings
July 5, 12, 19 & 26

$12 | No cost for members

Beautiful young redheaded woman with very joyful facial expressionImmeasurable Joy

Many of us feel that now, more than ever, we want to bring about real, positive change in our lives. To enhance this motivation to bring about real change for ourselves and others, in these teachings we’ll gently explore the four immeasurables of equanimity, love, compassion and joy. They are called immeasurables because we practise them with all living beings as our objects of meditation, whose number is immeasurable. We'll gradually learn through practice that these meditations bring immeasurable benefit, both for ourselves and others.

These drop-in classes are suitable for beginners and for those more experienced. You can attend any or all of the classes.  Everybody is welcome!

Class titles:
July 5:      Immeasurable equanimity 
July 12:    Immeasurable love
July 19:    Immeasurable compassion
July 26:    Immeasurable joy


We now offer unlimited in-person attendance. Please note that masks must be worn for the entirety of the class.

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