Meditations for a Meaningful Life
Suitable for Intermediate and Beginner Level Students
Meditations for a Meaningful Life
The Buddhist path to enlightenment

Wednesday evenings | 7-8:30pm
$12 | Free for Members

Meditations for a Meaningful Life
Based on the book, The New Meditation Handbook by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

In these classes, we will learn practical meditations that teach us how to make ourself and others happy by developing inner peace, and in this way making our lives more meaningful.

Without inner peace there is no real happiness at all. Problems, suffering and unhappiness do not exist outside the mind; they are feelings, and thus part of our mind. Therefore, it is only by controlling our mind that we can permanently stop our problems and make ourself and others truly happy.

The twenty-one meditations presented in this class are actual methods to control our mind and experience lasting inner peace, and comprise the actual Buddhist path to enlightenment. In this way we will experience lasting happiness and great meaning in our lives.

Class Schedule

Wed. Feb. 14:   Understanding Karma

Wed. Feb. 21:    Freedom from Suffering

Wed. Feb. 28:    A Balanced Mind

Wed. Mar. 6:   A Special Connection

Wed. Mar. 13:    A Grateful Heart

Wed. Mar. 20:    We Are all the Same

Wed. Mar. 27:     The Source of all Suffering

Jeanne Paquin

The Teacher for this class is Jeanne Paquin, who has been studying, practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhist meditation classes for many years. Her teachings are very practical, accessible and enjoyable. She enjoys sharing her experience with others.

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Wednesday Evening

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Whereas each one of us is just one single person, other living beings are countless in number; therefore the happiness and freedom of others are much more important than our own.
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
Modern Buddhism (2ND ED.)