Wednesday Evening
Intermediate Level Classes
Meditations for a Meaningful Life
Wednesday evenings | 7-8:30pm

$12 | Free for Members

Young attractive man meditatingThese classes introduce us to a series of meditations derived from Buddha's teachings which can help us to find lasting inner peace and great meaning in our daily lives. If we contemplate and meditate on these teachings, we will find that we’re better able to deal with our daily problems, and find the lasting happiness we’re searching for. Ultimately, these teachings will lead us to develop all of our good qualities, and overcome all of our faults. In short, they will give us a far more meaningful life.

Although the classes are presented as an ongoing series, each class is self-contained. These classes are intermediate in level, but many beginners find them very enjoyable and meaningful.

A Foundation for Our Practice
including recordings available for 5 days following the class.
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January 13
Our Precious Opportunity
January 20
No Time to Waste
January 27
What Follows Death?

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Whereas each one of us is just one single person, other living beings are countless in number; therefore the happiness and freedom of others are much more important than our own.
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
Modern Buddhism (2ND ED.)