Happy for the Holidays

Introductory Level
Happy for the Holidays
Saturday December 3, 10am - 1pm
$30 full retreat / Discounts apply for members

A Half-Day Meditation Retreat

The holiday season can be a wonderful time to connect with friends and family. It can also be a time when stress, frustration, and disappointment, can ruin our happiness and good feelings for one another.

Join us for a morning guided meditation retreat designed to help cultivate personal peace, so we can respond genuinely to every situation and conversation with a positive mind. In this way, we will enjoy a meaningful and stress-free holiday season.

This is a great beginner retreat for friends and family, and also those more experienced. It will include guided meditations based on Buddhist thought. Everyone is welcome!


Masks are recommended, but not required.
We encourage you to register in advance, but you can register at the door instead. For a member's discount, please register at the door. 
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Happy for the Holidays


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