Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life

Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life


Guided City Retreat

Friday, January 3 – Sunday, January 5, 2020
Meditation is the method to make the mind peaceful. With a peaceful mind we can solve all our daily problems and our life becomes meaningful. During this guided retreat we generate profound and practical states of mind that are the essence of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Each meditation topic will be explained in brief, followed by Prayers for Meditation, through which we receive inspiring blessings to understand, find, and concentrate on these meaningful objects.

This retreat is open to anyone who wishes to gain some experience of Buddhism and meditation, as well as for those who wish to deepen their experience. The objects of meditation listed below function to improve our compassion and wisdom; these minds are like the two wings of a bird that can quickly take us to enlightenment, the state of supreme inner peace.

Beginners and more experienced meditators are welcome to participate, whether for a few sessions, a day, or the entire retreat. If you wish to familiarize yourself with these meditations please refer to Modern Buddhism or The Mirror of Dharma With Additions. Both books can be purchased at Joyful Land Centre’s bookstore or via Tharpa Publications Canada at

The meditation sessions will be guided by our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Chöyang.


Silence will be observed till noon. The meditation room is a designated quiet space for the entire retreat.

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before sessions and enter at the side entrance. If this is your first time at our Centre, someone will be there to greet you and show you around.

Retreat Schedule
Friday, January 3
9-10am Meditation on the preciousness of our human life
11am-12pmMeditation on death
3-4pm Meditation on the danger of lower rebirth and going for refuge
5-6pm Meditation on karma
Saturday, January 4
9-10am Meditation on renunciation
11am-12pmMeditation on our determination to recognize, reduce and abandon our self-grasping ignorance, the root of samsaric rebirth
3-4pm Meditation on cherishing all living beings
5-6pm Meditation on universal compassion
Sunday, January 5
9-10am Meditation on the supreme good heart, bodhichitta
11am-12pm Meditation on our determination and promise to sincerely practice the six perfections
3-4pm Training in meditation on emptiness
5-6pm Meditation on relying on our Spiritual Guide

$50 for the complete retreat Friday to Sunday
$5.00 for individual sessions
No charge for members

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Donations are most welcome

Joyful Land Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a registered Canadian charity (Charitable Reg. Number 88586/6293RR0001).

If you wish to make a monetary donation to the Centre please click the donate button below or contact Kelsang Varahi at to make large sum or regular donations. Money is used for the maintenance and upkeep of the building. Any profits from class fees go towards supporting the International Temples Project for World Peace

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