Perth Branch Classes
Once-a-month on Thursday afternoons

Introductory Level Classes
5 Buddhist insights that change everything

The first Thursday afternoon of each month: 
12:30-1:45pm -   Feb. 1, March 7, April 4, May 2, & June 6
at the Perth & District Public Library, 30 Herriott Street in Perth, Ontario

Cost: $12 or $40 for a 4-class card.  Free for monthly support members.
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Do you feel like you’re wandering aimlessly through life? Even when things are going well do you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled? What about your relationships — are they satisfying and harmonious, or up and down like a yo-yo?

While our day-to-day experiences might differ, we all have this in common: we want to feel happy and content all the time and for many of us, this remains elusive.

More than two thousand years ago, Buddha shared profound insights that comprised a step-by-step journey to inner peace and happiness. In our next series of weekly meditation classes, we’ll explore this journey and how to unify it with our busy modern lives.

Each class includes 2 guided meditations and a teaching.  Afterwards there will be an opportunity to ask questions. These classes are suitable for beginners and those more advanced. Everybody is welcome!

These classes take place once-a-month on Thursday afternoons, at the Perth & District Library, 30 Herriott Street in Perth Ontario. The classes take place in the Common Room, which is on the first floor of the library.

Class Schedule - the first Thursday of each month, from 12:30-1:45pm:

Thurs. Feb. 1 - Happiness and suffering are states of mind

Thurs. March 7 - Problems can be opportunities for spiritual growth

Thurs. April 4 - It’s possible to see kindness in everyone

Thurs. May 2 - Our world depends upon our mind (which is not the brain)

Thurs. June 6 - We are abiding in a dream

The Teachers for this class are Buddhist nun Kelsang Lamden, who will teach the 1st and 2nd classes on Feb. 1 & March 7, and our Resident Teacher Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Thekchen, who will teach the 3rd, 4th & 5th classes on April 4, May 2 & June 6. Kelsang Lamden, a teacher at Joyful LandGen Kelsang Thekchen, Buddhist Monk & Teacher

Register in advance using the link below or pay at the door, (cash, debit or credit). 

Perth Branch Class

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$40.00 4-class cards are available at the door

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As conscientious Dharma practitioners, we should observe our own shortcomings instead of being preoccupied with those of other people. 
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
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