Meditations for a Kind Heart Morning Retreat

Introductory Level

Meditations for a Kind Heart

Saturday June 18, 10am - 1:15pm
$25 full retreat / Discounts apply for members

Young African American man, smiling, with hands over heartA Half-Day Meditation Retreat

Our ‘simply meditate’ morning retreats are a perfect opportunity to do just that; simply relax and meditate. These retreats are perfect for beginners and provide a much needed break from a busy week. Meditation not only improves our mental health but it enriches our life and makes it more meaningful. 

Meditations for a ‘kind heart’ will help us to develop greater peace of mind and happiness, and improve our relationships with others through learning to cherish them. The first is a meditation on cherishing others – thinking that others are important, and that their happiness and freedom are important. The second is a practical meditation on compassion – the sincere wish to protect others from suffering. The third is a practical meditation on love – the sincere wish to give happiness to others. Everyone is welcome.

This retreat is suitable for beginners and for those who are more experienced. Everybody is welcome!

MP3 available of Meditations for a Kind Heart recording
The meditations  will be based on the MP3 "Meditations for A Kind Heart", which is available at Tharpa Publications Canada. (The MP3 or CD is optional, for use at home after the retreat.)


Please note that a mask must be worn during the retreat.

We encourage you to register in advance, but you can register at the door instead.
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Meditations for a Kind Heart Saturday June 18


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Whoever we meet, we think: "This person is important. Their happiness and freedom are important.”
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